Make an Impact

Heart of a Champion® is having an impact on students across the country.

“Through Heart of a Champion I have seen that even if you feel like giving up, you should keep going…it makes me want to keep trying. Also, it reminded me that even if I make a mistake, I have to keep going because I can learn from my mistakes.”

  1. – 8th grade male student

“This book is something like my mom told me, but it teaches you more about life. It is like an answer book for life that tells you the answers to your problems.”

  1. – 8th grade female student

“Heart of a Champion helps make you a better person. It gives you confidence and hope.”

  1. – 8th grade male student

“Heart of a Champion helped me accomplish more because it encouraged me to do things I thought I couldn’t do.”

  1. – 9th grade male student

“Heart of a Champion teaches you not only how to treat others but also how to treat yourself.”

  1. – 8th grade female student

Educators are using the Heart of a Champion® program to impact the lives of their students.

“It’s so simple, yet so complete. It hits the students right where they are. The teachers were starting to learn a lot about their kids that they would have never learned just through their normal classes.”

  1. – Charles Pickitt, Principal, North Junior High

“It doesn’t just reach the white students, or the black students, or the Hispanic students; it reaches everyone.”

  1. – Sally Scott, Principal, Christa McAulliffe Alternative School

“What an awesome way to impact students in the things that matter most in life – building good citizens for our society.”

  1. – Sara Bonser, Principal, Hendrick Middle School

“I’ve been in public education for 37 years now, and I’ve seen every character program available. This is the very best character program I have seen.”

  1. – Marilyn Brooks, Assistant Superintendent, Plano (TX) ISD

“I think that if they didn’t have the Heart of a Champion they might not have even thought about honesty or responsibility or perseverance and what it means to them; making the right choices and being the best person they can be.”

  1. – MIddle School counselor


Program partners are seeing a tangilbe difference in the hearts of students in their local community.

“The Heart of a Champion material is perhaps the most substantive program in character education and we are proud to serve the Houston community in this manner.”

  1. – Robert McNair, Chariman of the Houston Texans

“Our support of Heart of a Champion reflects our desire to serve the local community. The program materials speak for themselves.”

  1. – Scott Josey, President of Mariner Energy

"We believe in the ability of Heart of a Champion Foundation to positively and powerfully impact America’s youth."

  1. – Robert Funk, Chairman and CEO of Express Personnel Services


Summary: Heart of a Champion is working hard to produce lasting change by developing students of great character. The result is better homes, better schools and better communities across our nation. Whether you're a student, teacher, parent or community leader, please join us in impacting a generation.