Are You Old School?

Heart of a Champion invites you to join athletes, entertainers and leaders across the U.S. in becoming truly Old School.

What is My Old School™? It has nothing to do with your wardrobe or your taste in music. Rather, it’s your chance to give back to your Old School and affect the futures of thousands of kids. How? By providing a powerful character program to every student at your old middle school or junior high.

The Need
If you’ve checked out the news lately, it’s clear there is an overwhelming lack of character in our world. Tragically, too many kids lack an understanding of basic character principles, which leads to their futures being cut short. Instilling character in our nation’s youth has never been more critical. Unfortunately, there simply isn’t enough funding available to schools to bring in effective, quality programs. So, millions of young people never receive the foundation they desperately need.

The Solution
In 1997, the Heart of a Champion® Character Development Program was developed by leaders from the world of sports and business. Since then, others such as NFL owners Lamar Hunt, Clark Hunt, Bob McNair, Jerry Jones, and former NBA star/CBS talent Clark Kellogg have supported the program across the U.S. This dynamic, innovative print and video curriculum features the inspiring stories of people like Tony Dungy, Bono, David Robinson, Joe Gibbs, and Jackie Robinson to teach the key elements of character. Assessments show the lives of hundreds of thousands of participants have been changed as a result – through attitudinal and behavioral change, and increased grade averages.

The Goal
The Old School Campaign is seeking 2,000 Old School individuals who will help solve the crisis of character in our country. If each participant will underwrite the cost of the Heart of a Champion program just at their old school, we can reach over one million students, and impact the culture.

The Cost
Through the My Old School™ Campaign, you will reach students at your old school throughout the entire nine months of the school year with consistent implementation of the most effective character development program in America for just $25 per student. Yep, just $25 for the entire year.

The Next Step
All you need to do send an email to with your name, contact information and the name of your Old School, or any other school you would like to support. We’ll take it from there. The only question is – Are you Old School?