Just for Educators

Program Results

Each year the Heart of a Champion requests that educators and students partake in a pre- and post-assessment to measure the efficacy of the program during a given academic year. The survey is designed to measure the attitudinal and behavioral shifts that occur within a student over the course of nine months. Due to the reluctance of public schools to release information related to GPA and test scores, the feedback that we receive is largely anecdotal. Every year, however, we receive significant responses from teachers verifying the effect that this program is having in all areas of their students’ lives. Heart of a Champion is currently working on gathering empirical data with future surveys.

Attitudinal and Behavioral Shifts:
- 77% of students said they now consider their actions and words before speaking or acting.
- 60% are now more aware of their character.
- 66% now have a desire to be a person of good character.
- 60% say they now make better choices.
- 85% say they now won’t quit in difficult circumstances.

Student Comments:
- “I have learned to respect people if you want people to respect you. To respect people is the only way to make it in the world.”
- “Heart of a Champion helps make you a better person. It gives you confidence and hope.”
- “Heart of a Champion helped me accomplish more, because it encouraged me to do things I thought I couldn’t do.”
- “It teaches you not only how to treat others but also how to treat yourself.”
- “It made me realize that when I get out of the alternative school, I will have to start over gaining everyone’s trust. I also learned about commitment to get to school on time and take care of my business so I can return to my school.”

Teacher Comments:
- “I’ve been in public education for 37 years now, and I’ve seen every character program available. This is
the very best character program I have seen.”
- “What an awesome way to impact students in the things that matter most in life – building good citizens for our society.”
- “I think this is an awesome way for teachers to connect with their kids to build the values.”
- “I saw them become more helpful to each other, more polite to each other; they seemed to have just more of an elevated respect in general.”

Comments from teacher Donita Sheppard:
“The curriculum is awesome! The students can identify with it from the first time they see the cover of the books. It catches their attention. Because it is about real people with real issues, the students identify with it. They see that ‘it’s not just me’ who has these issues. It inspires them to feel they really do need to work on being respectful, on being self-controlled, and on being a person of integrity. They understand these things will benefit them if they work on these character traits.

“It is so youth friendly. I’ve experienced many other curriculums that are well-intentioned, but have a message that is outdated. Not this one – this is great.

“Sometimes I have the books just laying out, and the students come up and pick them up and start going through them on their own. They see they can apply this and it fits with what they can do. It makes my job easier. It gives them (students) hope. Because it is about real, everyday people, it motivates and encourages them that ‘I can get through it, too, and achieve my goals.’

“I did a survey at the beginning of year, the middle of year, and at the end of year. There was a dramatic increase at the mid-term and another dramatic increase at the end of the year. Students were feeling better about themselves because of curriculum.

“Academic marks and scores went up 47% from the start to end of year! There was a decrease in drug and alcohol use. Individual self-esteem was up to 92% by the end of the year.”